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What we do!

OurSmile is one of a range of software developments created by the GOLD Software Solutions Team. We pride ourselves on developing software which is user friendly and works across all browsers and devices. The OurSmile user manual can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the button below:

View the User Manual

Once you have your event codes you can choose from a range of display templates..........even more fun! These range from seasonal themes through to bespoke templates that can include your business logo or personal message.
To find out more about bespoke templates, please contact us via the contact form on the home page.

Art Gallery - Animated Theme
Merry Christmas - Animated Theme
City Scape - Animated Slider only

See the table below for available packages.

Register to purchase Event Codes

Package Period Price (GBP)
1 Event Code
Limited Offer
7 Days £0.99
1 Event Code 7 Days £3.99
10 Event Codes 30 Days £29.99
30 Event Codes 90 Days £59.99

Event codes are single use and will expire at the end of the given period.

OurSmile Connect

Share your experiences with OurSmile Connect

As an added bonus, OurSmile Connect is available to use with every event code purchased.

Invite family, friends, business colleagues or associates to share and upload their photos to your OurSmile slideshow and view the slideshow anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Other technologies require you to be fully engaged. OurSmile offers something different, in that you can take your photos as they happen without disengaging from those around you. OurSmile then not only shows the images in a slideshow for all to view, but also stores them for all participants to access later.

Have fun with OurSmile!!